Full-Day Technician Onsite – 8 hours With this service an A+ Certified Technician will be scheduled for 8 hours to perform any computer / networking project for you.  You may request any service related to computer / network support during this time.  The technician will do his best to complete as many computers as he can with-in the 8 hour time slot  The technician can also perform network tasks etc.Some of the services our Technician can perform:
Diagnose and Repair Computers
Replace or Upgrade hardware in computers / laptops
Remove Viruses and Spyware on Multiple computers
Tweak Computers for Optimal Performance
Setup Wireless / Wired Networks.
Perform Data Backups
Setup Internet Connection
Setup Network File and Print sharing
Setup a Server or Workstations
and much more….

Note: With this service the hours can not be rolled over.  We have scheduled a technician for the whole 8 hour window for your project.